Thursday, 5 December 2013


I really don't know where to start with this bunch of crazed 
Japanese madmen nor what genre to place them in....
I think " a bloody great row" would sum it up !! 
I wasn't really sure if it warrants inclusion here either but Tony 
says that if it makes us jump up and down then its worthy of 
a mention.....and listening to this always makes me smile.

I'll start with repeating his original notes to me when he gave 
me this album to listen to many years ago...." Japanese 
band who think that the guitar sound on the Iggy remixed Stooges
"Raw Power album is weak and not distorted enough !"

This mix is beyond "the red", in fact, off the spectrum with the
drums sometimes disappearing under the sheer weight of distortion !
I couldn't find a track off the actual album to put here for your l
istening pleasure (?) but here are a couple of the tracks done live
....including the most fucked up version of Summertime Blues you
will ever hear !! They seem to have the same approach 
to their live sound as in the warned and good luck !!



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