Thursday 12 December 2013

The Leather Nun - Slow Death

This is the 1st thing I ever heard from this Swedish 
band. An EP that manages to flit between thuggish, sweaty 
punk and minimal industrial rock.

“No Rules” starts things off - a distorted, Stooge type
riff that bowls along with Punk/Motorhead speed
and attitude.

“Slow Death” comes next - all slow and menacing sparse
guitars, crooning vocals and industrial drums and menacing
drones, loops and noises to accompany lyrics about
someone dying from 90% body burns - very much like
Suicides “Frankie Teardrops”

“Ensam I Natt” is a 2 minute punk song followed by
“Death Threats” - drum/bass loops with muffled
guitar and vocals with what sounds like drills, phones
and a typewriter all being used in the background.

It all ends with a live version of “Slow Death” - 15 minutes
of drone and misery helped by Genesis P-Oridge on
violin, the synth sounds are much more to the front
and there is a slow motion wah wah solo that sounds
like there are only 3 notes played.

I played this to death and they never got this weird again.

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