Wednesday, 4 December 2013

First Process Church Of Mars - 6 Leaves Left

First Process Church Of Mars are a 3 piece heavy 
Stoner/Psychedelic Rock band from Hartlepool in the North 
East of England. All songs are improvised in a live 
environment in the studio.

North East England is not the place you would expect to hear
desert-fried music drifting through the ether of space but here
I am, nodding to a heavy lysergic vein of blissed out music.

This is not just some guys slowing down some blues riffs
and calling themselves stoner/psych - First Process Church
Of Mars have conjured up some real atmosphere - think of the
sinister codas contained within "The End" by the Doors.

Guitars are picked out, gradually fx-laden freakouts are
introduced which lead to heavy neo-psych explosions of
sound and expression. 

With no vocals, drones, wandering throbbing bass and drums 
that seem to be shamanistic, this is heady stuff.

"The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on"

No release yet but like 'em on Facebook - they hope to
get a free download code on Bandcamp soon.

And they are looking for gigs early next year.

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