Monday, 2 December 2013

Black Capricorn - Born Under The Capricorn

Doom with monster grooves and soul does not
come along often but when it does, I play it loud and often.

Italian doom seems to be spreading its demonic blues far and
wide with Black Capricorn being no exception. With a 70's
classic feel, the sound is deep, warm, fuzzy and heavy with
the song writing strong enough to keep attention fixed on the
groove and riff no matter how short or long the tracks are.

Strong, cleanish vocals deliver the lyrics with enough dire warning
to evoke a sense of foreboding without going down the worn route
of sub-Lovecraftisms. Slow paced, faster, acoustic picking to head
exploding walls of power, this album has it all for me. This is
what doom should always sound like! (again, this is a personal
thing - if you like lightweight 70's copy bands, that is up to you!)

I have to mention the guitars - wah-wahed solos with big, meaty
notes that steer clear of fretboard wankery, instead they make
each note count and drill into your skull. Atmospherics are skillfuly
created with synths, soundscapes and masterful use of a harmonica
in just the right place.

This should be only any doomheads playlist.

Thanks to Lucas for turning me onto these guys.

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