Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland? - Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International Vol​.​4

Here is funk-driven collection that fucking rocks..

The Paris DJs Soundsystem have sourced a collection of Afrofunk, 
Afrorock, Afrojazz, Afrobeat, Latin or Brazilian Funk & Ethio-Jazz 
from the 21st century has been prepared the other way round, 
starting from the end and the packaging, ending with music and the 
mastering of the final selection. 

And the spirit of Jimi Hendrix floating in the studio... 
These songs have a groove and beat that just make my feet start to stomp.
Some of the tracks are truly infectious and are perhaps even more relevant 
to the rockier and psychedelic influences within the contemporary Afro 
musical spectrum.

A lot of dirty, distorted guitar is sprayed around this album and combined
with the afrobeat percussion make this a no-brainer if you own
any music by Santana, Band of Gypsys or have ever dug anything with
a raw funk vibe.

Time to take your black t-shirt off, put some love beads on, go out
in the daylight and have some fun!

Paris DJs also have an incredible blog where you can download free,
over 400 mixes from their past sets. Have a look, have a listen,
expand your inner dancing fool Here

Buy album from Bandcamp

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