Thursday 14 July 2011

Kiss - Destroyer (1976)

How is a "Classic" album defined?

My blog - my rules, so:

Every track should be fantastic, no fillers and
certainly no points at which the flow begins to
meander or lose impetus.

Everything is perfect from the artwork
to the order the tracks are in.

The album will never lose its place in your
musical heart - you may not play it for a year
or so but when you do, it is like a friend who
will never let you down ..... how unlike life!

And most importantly, it should be able to transport
your emotions to a different place - as soon as the 1st
track starts, it will calm you down, get you ready to go
out, prepare you for a fight, make you drive like a lunatic,
help you to take off the electronic tag and go stalking again -
whatever you need to do, the classic album is there in times
of need.

In the mid seventies, Bob Erzin produced three albums, that
for me, I consider to be classics.

They are:

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
Lou Reed - Berlin
and todays offering - "Destroyer" by Kiss.


  1. YES! I fucking love Kiss. I'm always playing Destroyer, I have a friend that hates great expectations and tries to turn the side over every time. Needless to say I go mad.
    Forgive my recent inactivity, I'm back now.

  2. Destroyer and "Alive 1" were the 1st Kiss albums I got. When I started to get the earlier stuff, they did not seem to have the power of the live tracks and when "Love Gun" came out that kinda ended my kiss days but those 2 albums still get blasted out.

    Hey, nothing wrong with some inactivity - I shall be lazily getting the new Wino album from VDO this afternoon. I have got over my worry about posting stuff- if I do, I do.... if I don't, so what. Having posted about my 50,000 page loads at the start of the year and whining about lack of comments, I don't even check the numbers now and was pleasantly suprised to see 112,000, I am just doing it when i feel like it - no one is forcing me and if lack of comments really bugs you - stop.

    Seeing two of my followed blogs being shut down - but opening the next day, do you back up your blog? I have only just discovered you can do this. I suppose I would open back up with slightly diff name but still have all old posts.

  3. For me Love Gun is an amazing album. I stole your love is a fucking tune.

    I don't back up VDO. Maybe that's something to think about. Maybe we'd take a new name, fresh start about it all. Maybe we'd shift ourselves over to wordpress. We've already discussed what our new name would be if we did happen to get shut down. There are a few possibilities in keeping with the theme.