Friday 29 July 2011

KEN mode - Venerable (2011)

This album starts off with a monstrous throbbing
bass and then just blasts off into a massive mix
of Sludge/Noise-Rock and Post-Hardcore.

With Kurt Ballou of Converge on production,
KEN mode pummel your brain with feedback,
killer distorted riffs and dynamics that keep
everything heavy and threatening.

Rather than just keep to one tempo - they go from
fast aggression to slow menace, giving the tunes an
identity which makes a change from an album that
just blurs into one song played 10 times!

Amongst the faster, bone braking songs, sits the 8
minute "Never Was". It starts off with feedback
and droned guitar strings and then a heavy riff
starts playing over and over which builds up in
intensity until the shuddering climax which has
"No god, never was" screamed over the top.

If you were slightly let down when "Modern Bodies"
by Chickenhawk came out last year, you could do worse
than to give this a listen. This will be going into my
album of the year list.

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