Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wayne Kramer - The Hard Stuff (1995)

Brother Wayne keeps the spirit of the MC5 alive
and kicking with this album that is packed with
full on punk rock'n'roll.

His quite rightly revered guitar playing is at full
throttle here, powerful and solid, no fancy fretboard
wankery, just heavy grooves that pack a punch.

He handles all the vocals with passion and gives
a spoken word performance on "Incident on Stock
Island" over fantastic guitar that could of been quite
boring in other hands but is delivered with humour
and style, making you live the story he is telling.

Most songs are short, solid slabs of hard edged rock
but with a gritty punk feel which show that this veteran
of the Detroit sonic scene is far from rolling over and
becoming a byline in musical history.

Anyone with an interest in the MC5 should give this a listen.

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