Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Orthodox - Baal (2011)

Being pretty new to this sort of genre, I can only
describe as I see it and if the descriptions are not
proper like, complain to Sludge Swamp when they
get up on-line again!

Experimentalish Doom? That's what I am going with.

Lots of tribal drumming, shit loads of heavy riffs
and some drones which I think are coming from the bass.

The tracks feel very free flowing but never turn into
aimless jamming - the distorted guitar helps to pin
down the song which the thundering rhythm section
pummel into submission.

This album is only five tracks long, giving them time
to get almost trance like with the riffs circling around
a spiral of textured, fuzzed-out, slightly psychedelic
mantras but don't worry, the powerful vocals stop any
thoughts of hippy-dippy shit spoiling your day.

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