Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Good Rock Music - Compilation

This is a collection of tracks I felt like putting together. No agenda or
real theme, just some songs that flow together well and have a vague
footing in the world of rock music.

So - are you listening? - just footstomping rock music that I like,
nothing new or 'core or post anything.

Track Listing:

Doctor Doctor - UFO
Eight Miles High - Husker Du
Safe European Home - The Clash
Sick of You - The Stooges
Vital Hours - The Outsiders
Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins
Crazy Horses - The Osmonds
Heads Explode - Monster Magnet
God of Thunder - Kiss
It's Not Funny Anymore - Husker Du
Touch Too Much - AC/DC
Goodbuy T'Jane - Slade
Keep Us On The Road - Motorhead
Toiler On The Sea - The Stranglers
Eighties - Killing Joke
Sound of Destruction - The Cult
Religious Wars - The Subhumans
Youth Youth Youth - Generation X
Ashes to Ashes - Faith No More
Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys

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  1. An awesome compilation! Whatever I did not know - I loved! :)

    call Iran

  2. Cheers man, glad you liked it!