Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Brain Donor - Wasted Fuzz Excessive (2009)

Sound effects of rain and wind start up over which
some spoken words drift through. A heavy, simple
bass starts to riff 2 notes over and over, to be joined
with sparse drumming.

Distorted solos start to play, sporadic at first and
then louder and longer - it's a full fuzz sound, proto-
metal crossed with acid blues, full of atonal notes
like a wigged out VU solo.

The drums are starting up - full on beats and the bass
is now playing a complicated fill and everything is
really pounding along when it drops down to a mellatron
drone, very lush and spiritual, slow guitar picking, very early
floyd, ghostly vocals start that get more manic that fade away
to the sparse motif that started this tune.

............... and this is only the first song!

Brain Donor is a band fronted by Julian Cope and seems
only to exist so he can just fucking rock out. The High Drude
plays krautrock joined with the MC5 and Sabbath.

Oh yeah and a cover of the New York Dolls classic "Frankenstein"

Some '60's feel keyboards but mainly if you want to hear
acid drenched guitar rock workouts - dead link.


  1. his only band that doesn't suck

  2. I do like a lot of his solo stuff but some of it can be quite samey.