Monday 11 April 2011

Electric Eels - The Eyeball of Hell (1975-76)

Proto punk from 1975 - 76, the Electric Eels took
the blueprint of '60's fuzz garage and the attitude
and song writing of The Stooges 1st album to
produce these 2 minutes tunes of distortion and

Raw fuzz guitar mixed up to ear-numbing levels
with primitive bass and drum, snotty vocals that
can just about hold the tune, to hear this in '75
must of been a shock to a world listening to Abba
and the Average White Band!

Please note that I said "the attitude and song writing
of The Stooges" - you know what this means, right?

This does not mean they are "the undiscovered Stooges"
or are indeed "the NEW Stooges" - there is only one band
and will only ever be one band that have that name.

The same goes for reviews that cannot make the difference
between being influenced by Hendrix and "being" the new
Hendrix - there is only one person and .....blah, blah, blah
- I am sure that every one can produce a list of names that
this applies to.

Lecture over, play some Electric Eeels.


  1. what a trippy pic! band reminds me Simply Saucer a bit. hey, if you like garage punk listen Birds of Maya I got both Birds of Maya and Purling Hiss side-project in my blog. btw I think we already need to link each other in blogroll :)

  2. I will check those bands out - thanks. I should of put you on my blogroll ages ago, just done it now!

  3. Noisy stuff that sounds 2 years ahead of its time. Definitely not the new Stooges.