Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Zu - Carboniferous (2009)

Some serious sounding shit from this Italian
3 piece.

The proper description would be Avante-garde
free jazz but there is a glorious mix of math-rock,
punk, metal, noise - the mostly instrumental songs
are as epic and brutal as this sort of stuff can get.

Drums, bass and sax are not supposed to sound
like this - what appears to be a sax riff is put
through fuck knows what effect but comes at you
like a thick, meaty Melvins riff.

Electronic noise hisses out the speakers as the
wild sounding songs get more frantic and deranged,
the band is pounding away and just when you think
you know what is coming next, the next assault of
genres is starting.

Heavy, varied jazz noise stuff - Listen


  1. Yesssss, Zu are excellent, thanks for this El Tonio!

  2. Glad to help, makes up for all the goodies you recently posted!