Friday 8 April 2011

Greg Ginn - Getting Even (1993)

Ex Black Flag deranged guitarist Greg Ginn has
produced an amazing amount of solo projects
and this is one of his finest efforts.

Playing everything apart from drums, this has all
his trademark bruising jazz-punk riffs and solos
exploding in every song.

Unlike some of his more jam type albums, most
of these songs are around the 3 minute mark. His
vocals are right back in the mix which gives things
an almost ghostly shouted presence.

Aggressive tunes which rumble along with a solid
backing, you can almost hear the strings on his
guitar start to come apart with the furious, crazed
notes being torn out from musical scales that I did
not know existed!

Anyone with an interest in the Flags "Family Man"
or "Process of Weeding Out" should give this a play.


  1. Thanks, although I take all the credit, I feel that Greg Ginn played a small part in all of this for recording it!