Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Strolling Bones - Love In Vain (1972)

Live from Fort Worth, Philadelphia 1972, this is
the Stones at their very best.

The quality is not quite as good as "Get Yer Ya Ya's
Out" but still a very good soundboard recording.

Showcasing songs from the new "Exile on Main Street",
there is also all the other classics you would want to hear.

This album showcases Mick Taylor as never before.
Mixed right up, the interaction with Richards has a
ferocious edge that was sometimes missing from studio

Jagger is on top form as well, never reverting to his vocal
pastiche that would creep in, many years later - here, his
voice has a desperate quality that shows how long their
USA tours lasted.

If you ever wondered how the Stones got the tag of
"Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band in The World" - listen.

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