Monday 19 July 2010

Magic Lantern - Platoon (2010)

This falls into the same bracket as The Wooden Shjips,
Sun Dial, Quest for Fire etc.

Jazzy freak-out organs, screaming wah wah, powered
by masses of fuzz guitar - this is heavy psych of the highest

Real authentic sounds as well - no polished studio trickery
or dubious sound effects taken from sample CD's.

The guitar player is fantastic - while I would never be
as stupid to compare anyone to Hendrix, if you think
of people who have channeled that vibe: Santana, Marino
etc, I put him in that bracket.


  1. Oh hell yeah, I have some other stuff by these guys, truly amazing. I'll grab this when I get the chance to!

  2. You are making me feel bad now. I rarely leave a comment on your blog but you know it's because most of your stuff is way over my comfort zone! I do try your recommendations now and then - much like my shit, I only post what I think is really good - but the majority is far too in the death/grind/black genre. Just listened to the M.E.H. track - fucking hell, that is intense and the one track is enough for me. If I did leave a comment, it would always be along the lines of "made me feel like crashing the car or buying a gun" and telling Goatlord his grindcore album sounded like a chainsaw being forced up my arse into my brain seems kinda negative just because I am not into that sort of thing....... but your site has lead me to enjoy Yob/Twilight/Beamoth + lots of stoner/psych acid guitar bands (of which I was able to comment on) I also have the Skyfire album which even I thought had far too much keyboards on!!! Nice guitars though.
    I have just got and am enjoying the new Soilwork - what would you call that? ..... apart from lightweight!

  3. haha don't worry about it man, we post up a wide range of stuff, it's not for everyone, not even me sometimes. I didn't even realise soilwork were still on the go, I can't deal with things like that, reminds me of a terrible club here that hasn't changed its music since I first started going out at the age of 14, if I hear "down with the sickness" one more time I'm going to get my Raoul Moat on

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  5. one of my fav 2010 albums but I like High Beams more. and why not compare them with Hendrix(my fav guitar player btw) - these talented dudes deserve it. also you may not know but there is one underrated guitar god along with Frank Marino that sounds similar to Hendrix - Bari Watts from Outskirts of Infinity

  6. I do not like to compare anyone to Hendrix - as he is one of my fav guitar players as well, I have read too many reviews that mention him, play the album and find myself being let down, there is only one Jimi!

    Yeah, Bari Watts is very good indeed - the Outskirts are a great band.