Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Electric Mud Generator - To The Distain of Polyhymnia (2008)

I found this recently on Angry Chairs
and have been playing it a lot.

It is very much in the vein of
Baroness - heavy stoner with
mad moments of prog but this
also has a folk-rock vibe - think
the rocky end of Jethro Tull
(similar vocals) but going to
a huge, thick sounding attack.

It reminds me of the latest
"Ancestors" album, lots of
heavy tracks but going down
to acoustic guitar, gentle passages,
even a dual male/female chorus.

To sum up my rather confused
review - it is Prog-Stoner, give
it a Listen


  1. These dudes are a class act, we put them on last year supporting firebird and church of misery, what a night!

  2. That sounds fantastic - do you put on gigs? I think you have mentioned before but I did not pick up on it.

  3. We used to put a lot of gigs on, stopped for a long time while I was out of work, now I'm making some bones again I'm going to look into starting up again, need to find a new venue though.

  4. Just upped the first album for you man