Monday, 7 April 2014

Shit Happens!

Greetings my faithful download monkeys.

The firm I work for is being shut down and as from today
I will be one of the smelly, unemployed people clogging up
the streets, selling myself for cheap sex and strong drink.

This means that until I can find a job that can cater for my strange
lack of social skills, post may be slow down for a while.

I now have to look in the mirror, practise smiling and repeat -
"Would you like fries with that!"


  1. Good luck amigo! Stay good; and who knows... Something quite spectaculair might just be laying in wait around the corner... Here's me hoping it will all work out just beautifully for ya!!

    1. Cheers JK - and at the same time, here is hoping a speedy recovery to you.