Wednesday 30 April 2014


Oh yes !....this ticks all the boxes for what I look for in really great heavy Psych Stoner.....the powerful driving groove created by this excellent Italian 3 piece is a pleasure from start to finish. They have released 3 albums since 2007 and in September last year put out "Holy Moon" which was described as an EP, containing just 6 tracks running a  little over 38 minutes...but, what a magnificent 38 minutes ! After being most pleasingly assaulted by the opening 4 tracks we get to "If I Was A Bird", which is an acoustic outing and, to the band's enormous credit, fits in perfectly with the mood and tone set by what has gone before. 

The closing track is a most impressive 12 min version of MC5's infamous "Black To Comm"....a song that "The 5" described as "their room clearance device" !! The Black Rainbows blast straight into it and then cool it down ...there's a great big solo....then blast it back out again to the finish. Long term visitors to this site will know of my love for all things MC5 and this has been immediately added to my "best MC5 covers list".

Here's a link to the video for "The Hunter" from "Holy Moon"....

...and to find out what the band are up to......

Words by DOUG E DOGG

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