Wednesday 9 October 2013

Nonagon - The Last Hydronaut

Living in the murky world of post-hardcore, AmRep
sensibilities and a chaotic math-like riff frenzy,
Nonagon are back with 6 new tracks of controlled noise rock.

I reviewed their 2012 release - People Live Everywhere and
am glad to report that business is as usual.

The music is all about unreleased tension. Circular riffs spiral
in tight chord/note clusters over which John yelps and gibbers
in a frantic, strained voice which holds hints of anger and

Once again, the technical side of the band delivers the chops
required to drive the frantic songs along without getting
bogged down in fretboard wankery.

It's fast, aggressive, short, uncomfortable - hey, it's punk rock, baby!

Go get some!

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