Thursday, 3 October 2013

Black Plastic Caskets - S/T

As I sit here in the lofty heights of Black Insect Towers,
preparing words of musical wisdom for you, the little people -
I sometimes think that the underground world that we lurk
in can get bogged down in genres/sub-genres/sub-sub genres etc.

As there is no existing tag called "sludgeblueshardcoremelodicfuzz"
here are some things you need to know about Black Plastic Caskets.

They play sludge based riffs with a sound that mixes Killing Joke,
Neurosis and Cough together into a massive sound.

The solos are distorted, crazed blues flurries that have the
authentic classic feel of the late '60's.

The vocals have a hard, aggressive southern feel but with no 
cookie monster growls, being cleaner, you can hear the anger and 
passion much more.

The lyrics have a much more personal feel to them - instead of yet
more songs about rage, hate and blackness, we hear about fat half
sisters, swapping spit and the boredom and frustration of everyday
life in the middle of nowhere.

The album is fucking great.

That is all you need to know - go get it!

Thanks to Artus at Archiv Hate blog for bringing this to my attention.

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