Friday, 14 February 2014

Barren Hope - Anaffa

Barren Hope are from Israel and have released a slab of
rage and power. Any record that starts of with the lyrics "I
declare war on everything" gets my attention!

Hardcore tinged with sludge and crust may be an unwieldy
mouth full but perfectly describes the passion and power which
this band are serving up.

Raw throaty vocals overlay these songs with real intent and
lay out the message that this band are not to be fucked with.
The production is a revelation  - with so much distortion and
spite being played at full volume, there is a real clarity to the
sound that brings a sense of suffocation and tension.

Massive rumbling bass lines pave the way for razor sharp
guitars that combine with the drums in a head-ache inducing
 experience. There are little guitar fills and runs that combined
with some interesting song compositions give these tracks a
vitality that is sometimes missing from this genre.

Barren Hope sound like they should be on Throatruiner
Records - if that ain't recommendation enough - fuck ya!

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