Monday, 20 August 2012

Choochooshoeshoot - Playland (2012)

Band request from France - thanks to Phillipe
for sending me album to review.

Choochooshoeshoot closely resemble the picture they have
used for the album cover - bare, minimal noise rock but not 
going down the Jesus Lizard route, rather they come from the
Shellac school of clinical and precise bursts of aggression.

The singer, Caroline, provides melodic but devastating
vocals over the guitars, which while recorded with quite
a clean tone, are pummelled and abused to deliver a squall
of abrasive tone and shade. The drums pound away but
do not overpower - in fact there are spaces in the arrangements
where less adventurous bands would feel obliged to fill up with
something - these guys know how to keep the song tensions
going to produce an unsettling mood. 

This is the good stuff.

Bio: CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT were founded in November 2004 by Philippe (who formerly played guitar in the early-90s noise combo Pig Iron), Thomas (drums), and Gildas (Baritone guitar). Chrystelle (vocals) joined the band in 2006 and in September, they recorded their debut EP with Thomas Lecorre (Moller Plesset), playing a number of shows shortly after..

In August 2007, sound engineer Miguel Constantino (Fordamage, Passe Montagne, Papier Tigre - among others) recorded the first album: nine tracks, raw and live-sounding, to which Bob Weston (Chicago Mastering Service) added the finishing touches. Choose Your Own Romance was released in June 2008 in CD and LP format by the Nantes-based record label Kythibong. The band was then invited by Gentle Veincut to add their contribution to a CD compilation put out by Whosbrain, in September 2008..

It was also in 2008 that Chrystelle parted with the band, quickly replaced by Caroline. During the course of 2009, CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT got to perform at the Fuckfest festival in Paris, along with several prominent French noise bands, before going on a tour in the West and the South of France, followed by a number of more sporadic gigs.

In 2010, the band began work on their second album, which was recorded live in December 2011, once again by Miguel Constantino, in Quimper. The eight-track record Playland was then both mixed and mastered by Constantino, and will be released in June 2012 by Kythibong, Rejuvenation and A Tant RĂȘ:ver du Roi.

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