Thursday, 23 August 2012

Escape - La Hora de la Verdad

Band request from Cuba.

Escape play punishing metal/hardcore/industrial music
which sounds bleak, brutal and ugly with a simmering
anger that threatens to boil over into your speakers.

I honestly am not into this sort of music and therefore do not
judge myself competent enough to review this album.

Read their bio, listen to the music and make your own mind
up ....... from what I have read, Cuba is not the easiest place
in the world to make this sort of music, so show your support
and at least give it a listen!

"La Hora de la Verdad" by cuban metal act ESCAPE comes as free
download in different formats, download it with his booklet here:

Help the cuban hardcore/metal scene grow: download and share it with
your friends/enemies, family, contacts, bands, labels and favourite
webzines !

Brutal Beatdown Records.

About the album:

Harsh reality described through subversive and political lyrics,
corrosive and dynamic hardcore/metal music.
ESCAPE comes from Habana, Cuba. Not exactly the folk or touristic one
but from the boiling cuban underground metal scene.

Very well executed, the production is on top. The force of sound is
overwhelming and the great artwork filled with symbolic references.

BEST METAL BAND – Cuerda Viva 2012 Cuban TV Awards
BEST METAL ALBUM - International Music Fair Cubadisco 2012

"La Hora de la Verdad" is an album that will not let indifferent and
not pass unnoticed.
Without a doubt, a great year for ESCAPE.

Album details:

Artist: Escape
Title: La Hora de la Verdad
Hometown: La Habana, Cuba
Genre: Hardcore | Metal | Industrial
Street Date: July 26, 2012
Label: Brutal Beatdown Records
Cat.#: brut-003
Packaging: CD Full colour Cardboard Sleeve
Free Digital Download:

BEST METAL BAND – Cuerda Viva 2012 Cuban TV Awards
BEST METAL ALBUM - International Music Fair Cubadisco 2012

Mixed and Mastered by Guy DUBUISSON at Expaz Miouzik (Montréal, Canada)

Track Listing:

01- Rompiendo el Silencio [05.33]
02- La Hora de la Verdad [04.55]
03- Peligro [05.00]
04- Símbolo de Libertad [03.58]
05- Decisiones [04.14]
06- Crisis de Fe [04.13]
07- Caos en Orden [04.38]
08- Cuba en Rebelión [03.57]
09- At Mountains (cover – original by Darkening) [05.02]

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