Monday, 6 August 2012

Joe 4 - Enola Gay EP

Band request from Croatia.

Joe 4 play post-punk with both feet firmly planted into the noise
rock ethic.

 A filthy bass sound rumbles along with a dry, discordant guitar
over which vocals are barked out. The drums have a crisp feel to
them which help propel the song arrangements along. The tracks
are played with staccato precision that do not jarr but rather reinforce
the angular attack on show. This would be an ideal listen for anyone
needing a quick fix of AmRep tunage.

Pay what you want on Bandcamp for a Digital copy or buy the
CD/7" that has been released by Whosebrain Records.

Josip from Joe 4 says that they are recording a full length album
with Steve Albini which should be coming out in Sept/Oct later
on this year.



Joe 4’s music owes much to the creative epoch of the 90s
underground labeled “American noise rock”. Rage, sarcasm, and
cynicism are injected into highly structured, yet compact,
arrangements and wrapped around noise- and volume-filled songs.
Like their inspirations, Joe 4 lays out rebellious, quarrelsome, and
obscene images in their efficient and workman like assaults. RIYL:
Shellac, Tar, Janitor Joe, The Jesus Lizard, Johnboy...
Songs emphasize the percussion and rhythm while guitar and bass
lines are braided within and around the lock-step drumming and
tortured/drill-sergeant vocals are sardonically delivered over the
resulting melee. Lyrically, the songs deal with the impulsive nature
of the individual and are concisely worded as repetitive haiku poetry.
Year 2011 means for Joe 4 their first official release of their
first physical product as a 10” vinyl record put out on Whosbrain
Records. If you have a certain affinity for what we could term
“big ugly monster” rock music, Enola Gay, by Croatia’s Joe 4,
fits in with that. It’s big, ugly, nasty, fucked up and in all the
right ways.
Recorded in Zagreb, mixed in San Francisco and mastered
in Chicago.
Joe 4 are drum, bass, guitar, voice.

Available formats:

10” vinyl (+ poster,
download code, plastic
wrap and sticker)
CD (digipack package)
Catalogue number:

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