Friday, 17 August 2012

Radio Garage - Ganbare! EP (2012)

Band request from Peru.

Radio Garage sing in their own language and sound like
Discharge crossed with Motorhead covering The Hellacopters! 
Primitive sounds erupt from the speakers, lodging in my brain
with punk rock'n'roll spirit, making me want to kick something
or drive very fast through a shopping centre. 

Radio Garage presents its new EP produced by Cuaderno Roto 
producciones "Ganbare!", 4 basic, urgent and rabid songs.
Since 2005 playing in Lima, PerĂº a mix of punk, metal 
and rock n' roll, our new EP "Ganbare!" is available by 
Cuaderno Roto Producciones. Radio Garage is Kaminoisee on guitar and voice, 
Fernando acosta on bass, Oscar Soto on drums and Ricardo BarandiarĂ¡n on guitar and voice.

CDR (full color printed cardboard sleeve and printed cd) available through

You can listen to it here:


They also released an album last year that is slightly less
hardcore, with more dirty solos and riffs, which I
can recommend and is free from Bandcamp

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