Wednesday 1 August 2012

Gladiators Eat Fire - Psychedelic Hogwash (2012)

Band request from Seattle, USA.

Gladiators Eat Fire bring a new dimension to hardcore with
elements of math and doses of heavy psychedelia mixed
together to produce an unholy, experimental noise explosion
but with big fuck-off-tunes and riffs that get heads banging.

Exploding the theory that hardcore is one dimensional, these
guys can go from a slow sludge riff thats twists and turns in
time patterns leading to a Black Flag "My War" ending with
acid drenched guitar echoing along with vocals that go from
bellowing to a whisper.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants some
heavy sounds to assault their ears with.

Gladiators Eat Fire are an organic, psychedelic hardcore movement from the heart of Seattle, WA, on a sonic journey in the search for identity and freedom of self expression. This summer, the band will release the Psychedelic Hogwash EP, their newest and most ambitious material to date, and a culmination of half a decade of aural experimentation.

Ever since the release of their 2008 EP "Keep The Beat Alive", recorded by Chris Proff (Ravenna Woods, Strong Killings, Monogamy Party) and mastered by the late Tom Pfaeffle (Nirvana, Alice Cooper, B.B. King), Gladiators Eat Fire have been gaining attention for their intensely passionate live performances, drawing comparisons to bands such as The Mars Volta, Refused, and These Arms Are Snakes. After entering the studio with Proff again, their 2010 full length album, the aptly self-titled "Gladiators Eat Fire", was mastered by Chris Hanszek (The Melvins, Soundgarden, The Pleasureboaters) and marked a clear departure into deeper, uncharted musical territory. As the band experimented heavily with their sound, they drew praise from local press such as The Stranger for their "psychedelic guitars and eerie, echoing vocals that ring through songs like lost souls", while websites such as proclaimed it as "an acid-drenched dancepocalypse".

Over the years, the band has shared the stage with bands as diverse as Wild Orchid Children, Ravenna Woods, and Monogamy Party. They've toured up and down the west coast, and have performed at events such as the Seattle's Cannabis Freedom March and Chaospalooza, as well as Missoula's StaticFest, and Connell's Summer Rocks Festival. The band has also appeared live on Hollow Earth Radio, has received airplay on 90.3 FM KEXP and 99.9 FM KISW, and was chosen as Unsigned Band of the Month in High Times Magazine.

Now, having spent the past several months quietly waiting in the shadows, vocalist Mark Blazer and guitarist Brian Kim continue to carry the torch of their musical vision, aided by bass player James Erwin and drummer Joseph Braley. Recorded mostly live in their basement, the group's new Psychedelic Hogwash EP showcases four diverse songs which the Seattle Weekly boldly claims "[shred] nearly every preconception and stereotype about metal, hardcore, post-rock and math-rock". Without a doubt, Gladiators Eat Fire is ready to unleash their ferociously unique blend of hardcore and psychedelia upon the eyes and ears of the unsuspecting masses. There is no escape.
Because they are good guys, you can pay what you want from Bandcamp and have a CD and 7" coming out on August 14th.


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