Tuesday 31 July 2012

Mörse - S/T (2012)

Band request from France.

Not sure what they are putting in the water over there but
Mörse are another great hardcore band coming from over
the channel to assault my ears.

They play aggressive punk/hardcore with a nice trashy feel
to things and really steamroller through the songs. Excellent
production makes sure that every bellowed vocal and distorted
guitar is crystal clear. The song arrangements steer clear of basic
noise and offer some intricate riffs to latch on to.

They are touring and will appear with Birds In A Row and
Oathbreaker ........ they will have no trouble in playing to those
bands audiences on the showing of this release. Shame they only
have 3 tracks as I wanted to hear a whole album!

Because they are good guys, they have given me permission
to post a free download link Here



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