Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kash - Full Of (2012)

Band request from Italy.

Kash had this album engineered by Steve Albini and all his
trademarks are here: no overdub fillers, clean expansive instruments,
a live, authentic feel to things etc.

The arrangements hold everything together, and while the tempo
never races to full tilt, the songs and vocals combine really well
with the thoughtful picked guitar parts. This needs to be played
in one sitting as although the album starts of pretty restrained, you
slowly realise that a mood of uneasiness is spreading through the
tracks giving you something to listen to with substance.

I like this - give it a go.

Band Bio:

Sick Room Records is happy to announce that the math/post/noise rock band from Saluzzo Italy, KASH, has come out swinging with a much-anticipated new release. Truly, they have not missed a step in the last five years. The big news is that, after almost a decade, original founding member Andrea Vignolo has returned on the drums. Legendary engineer Steve Albini, has also come back to lend his mastery to Full Of as well, working at Oxygen Studios, a wonderful new facility in the north of Italy owned by guitarist Paride Lanciani. 

As they have matured over time, the quartet has changed up their extreme and destructive style to offer a more composed, confident, fresh and direct sound. The new record contains 8 songs whose hermetic lyrics tell about emotions, opinions of real life, and marginalization in a world of continuous and rapid change. Slow songs, stop/start changes, and dynamic fast riffs are some of the other characteristic elements of Full Of. This new album, released by Sickroom Records on Vinyl with included CD, will surely satisfy any fan of alternative rock music, young or old.

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