Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Merkabah - A Lament For The Lamb (2012)

I found this on the very cool blog Archivhate - give it a visit!

Merkabah are from Poland and play noisy soundscapes that
incorporate slices of psychedelic metal.

These avant-rockers have a dark feel to them, made all the more
chaotic by the wild sax that solos over the distorted guitar riffs.

There are ambient passages that bring the mood to calmer levels
before the heavy jazzy drumming sets a base onto which drones,
riffs and post-rock templates are applied to devastating results.

Like those Italian maniacs Zu, this does take you on a musical
trip that dives heavily into atonal noise but Mekabah have enough
rock riffs to keep your head banging.

Give this a go!

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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing Archiv Hate!

    cool blog!

    1. Hey man, no problem we seem to like a lot of the same stuff!