Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Grizzly - Fear My Wrath (2012)

Grizzly are from Budapest and play a perfect mix of stoner/sludge.

Big, heavy and powerful, the sound is exactly what you want to hear
when cranking these tunes up. Sometimes this genre can produce records
that are pretty good but are let down by either lack of bottom end or
being mixed so raw that is it just a stew of noise from which the
instruments sound like mud.

To my ears, this how it should sound.

Grizzly have the bounce, solos and groove that you want from the stoner
genre but back it up with fucking huge sludge riffs and menacing vocals.

Being only 20 minutes long, it ends well before you want it to stop ........
which is why I have played it so many times. There are no weak songs
on display and the track order really flows along to give you a big slab
of listening pleasure.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to the crew at Heavy Planet for bringing this to my attention.

Because Grizzly are good guys, this is free from Bandcamp


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