Thursday, 12 July 2012

[P.U.T.] - Like Animals (2012)

Band request from France.



5th and new album of the sludge noise duet - March 23, 2012 : LP+CD in screen printed by Le Cagibi (Lille)
(P.O.G.O records - Dismember records)
(labels who want to reissue it and distro can contact us! mailorder and webzine can contact us too)
 European round of Mars to October 2012

[ P.U.T ] , 2 brothers, living in Paris / Brussels, who making since 1998, a mix of  machines vs guitares, noise, sludge-metal, industrial and punk to create a music borrows madness, emotion, heaviness and anger.
Personal and without concessions, their 5 albums, 8 maxis, 2 live, 7" and various sound experiments, does not disavow their influences (of Godflesh, Killing joke, Sonic Youth while passing by Scorn or Unsane) the band intrigues at the most point.
It's on stage which the band reveal is power, making same noise than a 4-5 piece musicians…. intense, raw, dirty, disturbing...
More than 170 shows in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Swiss and Germany.

they have play with:
SCORN (uk), Ufomammut (it), Akimbo (USA), Burning Heads, Year of No light, Altar of plague (gb), Ultraphallus (be), Anorak, Pneumatic Head Compressor (Be), Membrane, K-Branding (Be), Io Monade (It), Kapitain Korsakov (be), Lab°, Last Minute to Jaffna (it), Grant National (De), Grrzzz, Lucky Funeral (gr), Black Bomb A, Muckrackers, René Binamé, PPZ30, Punish Yourself, Sungrazer (Nl), LTNo, Comity, Zenzile, Tamtrum, Edwood Jr,  General Lee and many others! 
Beyet lionel: Bass, voice, laptop - Beyet Nicolas: Guitar, voice, laptop

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