Thursday, 26 July 2012

The United Sons Of Toil - Forces Of Production (2012)

I have to admit to approaching this collection of remixed tracks
with some trepidation.

When you have a powerful sounding band, so often the predictable
results are just to make everything sound unbearably noise filled
and heavier-than-heavy.

The United Sons Of Toil have shown admirable restraint in selecting
the tracks represented here.

Dub, electronic glitches, ambient spaces giving the songs a new dimension
and a paring down of sound makes this an excellent listen. In fact, this
goes beyond "just" a remix album and instead deserves to sit along side
other USOT releases as another side to them.

Don't take my word for it, because they are good guys, you can pay
what you want from Bandcamp


Here is their own description of putting these tracks together:
We are inescapably immersed in a cut-and-paste culture. The oft-plagiarist world of musical inspiration has given way to digital deconstruction and reassembly. Individual tracks become raw material — merely starting points for new compositions. Five years in the making, this record documents a series of experiments in recontextualizing our music. Only one rule existed for this project: use only audio from the original recording — creativity often thrives under harsh limits.

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