Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Feuerzeug - Dead Wahines and Tsunamis (2012)

Band request from Aurélien at Domino Media Group.

Feuerzeug are from Switzerland but have managed to transfer
their music to the dusty Desert Rock world, complete with fuzzed
out Stoner vibes.

13 songs and 71 minutes are often padded out with filler
but Feuerzeug make sure that each song has a killer groove
and riff that bounce along until your teeth rattle.

These tunes fucking rock and have the added bonus of having
song arrangements that give this album an almost theme driven
concept while at the same time creating memorable hooks that
stick in your head, demanding to be played again.

The production gives all the instruments a crisp, powerful sound
which gives a solid platform for the economical solos room to
really stand out. The vocals also need a mention - this guy can
really sing with feeling and power.

If you own any albums by Lowrider, Fu Manchu or early
QOTSA, this will sit nicely alongside them.

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