Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dire - Dystopia (2012)

Band request from Dallas, Texas.

Dire like their music powerful, hard hitting and loud.
I would put the music in the black metal/sludge corner.

While not being an expert in all the black metal descriptions - 
and I have been wildly wrong before - this is raw and viseral
stuff. A barrage of distorted guitar overlays the senses and
sits on top of the frantic drumming. The vocalist spews out 
throat shredding dementia and the production gives everything
a heavy sludge feel. Dark and oppressive, this is not for the
fainthearted. The songs have more variation than I normally
expect from this genre which for me, makes this a more
interesting listen.

The tracks are streaming on Bandcamp

Hit them on Facebook for album release

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