Friday, 10 August 2012

Broken Limbs Recordings - new releases

Request from Broken Limbs Recordings.

Peter & Bariann have from Broken Limbs have an
incredible amount of releases on their label which
lurks on the swampland of dark, black sounds which
revolve around crust/dark hardcore/black metal.

I am not the person to review these as I know fuck all
about the genres but I do know they made my head feel
as if spiders were eating my brain.

Instead, I recommended those of you into these sounds to
check these two bands at once and make your own mind up.

The first record is No God But The Wild by Hunter's Ground

This is bleak, punishing black metal.

Hunter's Ground was established in 2009 as a raw, primitive expression of rage directed at modernity and to re-invent a North American mythos in order to develop a deeper relationship with the land itself through the ancient art of storytelling.
The album was recorded in continuous fashion over 23 grueling hours, using generator-powered equipment to allow the process to take place in the heart of the woods that Waggener resides in without power or running water. The band felt that recording in the same place that the concept of the band and album was conceived would maintain a continuity in the feel of the music and the ongoing narrative of the Hunter's Ground mythology.

The next release is Unsacred with their Three Sisters EP

This is pissed off dark hardcore with a vicious crust feel to things.
Listen to the tracks below to feel the pain!

Broken Limbs Recordings - Three Sisters - 02 Lethe by an_tiarna_dubh

Like I said, these and much more are available from Broken Limbs Recordings

Give them a visit

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