Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Stand Alone Complex - Broken Sleep In A Minor Key

Band request from Portsmouth.

Stand Alone Complex is one guy and his acoustic guitar. While
these words are normally enough to get my teeth gritting and 
strapping razor blades to my fists ready for a face-to-face meeting,
this album came as a pleasant surprise.

Recorded in a front room, it has a low-fi, ramshackle feel that
has a natural warmth to it. Vocals have a Lou Barlow feel to
things and the guitar tone rings out with a slight fuzziness
which really suits the songs.

Plaintive without being whiny, this is something you play
on a Sunday morning when you want to give your ears a rest
from down-tuned guitars and cookie-monster grunting.

Bio: Stand Alone Complex is the solo project of Damon Marcus that began in 2010. Based in Portsmouth in the UK, the whole thing started as a side project whilst Damon was playing in other bands but SAC ended up with a full time band within itself which although remaining a solo affair does frequently feature friends and other local musicians.

SAC is a lo-fi, noise, folkpunk experiment with non-linear, stream of conscious lyrics as bi-polar as Damon himself. Influences are drawn from surreal Japanese films, computer games, drugs, astronomy and an irrational fear of drowning.
Broken sleep in a minor key is a collection of re-recorded older SAC tracks with some re-mixed newer stuff (a kind of bastardized best of) that has been released whilst a new EP and split EP/album are being recorded

All tracks were recorded in a living room in Southsea, Portsmouth UK

Free download from Bandcamp


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