Friday, 23 November 2012

Art As Catharsis newsletter

Lachlan has got a shit load of stuff going on at the moment - all of it good.

Do yourself a favour and check these items out.

Hey there progpals, dronebloods and grindchaps alike,

We've been really, really freaking busy here at Art As Catharsis, so I just wanted to share with you some of the cool stuff that's been going on -- as well as a whole heap of awesome (and free!) Australian music.

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Battle Pope 'Rapture Cominatchya' music video

Check out the new single from Battle Pope: the dick-slinging, soul-winning, heathen-killing Paladins of pussy and party.

These guys describe their sound like: "Little Richard wildly fucking Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff and Elvis at a hedonist coke orgy". Serious party music.

Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse 12" LP

Two awesome Sydney bands go head to head on this incredibly sexy LP. Spin a few tracks and pre-order yours today.

Battle Pope blending elements of sludge, swing, rock, grind and doom. Jesus Christ Posseare the saviours of Sydney City Hardcore. Their music recalls early 90’s hardcore punk rock, with an aggressive edge forged through religious purity, strict abstinence and straight-edge lifestyle.

Devils Kitchen music festival 2013: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

After a four year hiatus, the legendary good time stoner-punk-death-boogie-sex-rock showcase of Devils Kitchen back, taking in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in January 2013. 

The three shows all boast awesome line-ups. Check out the details and get your ticket today!

Donate today and help save Black Wire Records

Black Wire Records is a not-for-profit record-store-come-performance-space that has found it's way into the hearts of countless musicians and members of the music-going public.

As a musician, promoter and avid music-fan, I really cannot express my respect-for and endorsement-of Black Wire Records highly enough. The venue is facing some difficult challenges for the immediate future, so I have taken it upon myself to help raise donations for the longevity of Black Wire, and the good of the Australian music scene. 

If you would like to donate to Black Wire Records, please send a donation via Paypal to mail(at), and clearly mark "Black Wire Records" in the comments field.

Awesome HD Serious Beak live clip

Here's a Serious Beak performing Godel !Xun and Tui/Tuo from their last live show. Awesome video and audio quality.

Adrift for Days sell their souls with a new live album

A special gift from those psychedelic droning doomers Adrift for Days: a live recording of their set supporting Rosetta. Awesome stuff for fans of Neurosis, Earth, Pink Floyd and Boris.

Listen and download:

Stargazing under Southern Skies

Our specially curated selection of our favourite Australian ambient, post and shoegaze artists - and it's absolutely free to download.

Features tracks from sleepmakeswaves, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Dumbsaint, Mushroom Giant, We Lost the Sea and many more. Discover some awesome new Australia music!

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