Tuesday 20 November 2012

When Icarus Falls - Aegean

Request from Blue Wave Productions.

When Icarus Fall play post-metal with an intelligence sometimes
missing from this genre. Utilising song compositions that would
seem to be more post-rock, this collection of tracks have thundering
aggression melded with moments of delicate beauty.

Heavy but managing to retain an epic feel is a trick not easy
to pull off but here it works wonderfully. Riffs are played
that have a majestic feel and groove to them and are backed 
up with a pounding and hard hitting rhythm section. The vocals
are screamed out but resist the hoary old cookie monster sound,
instead actually containing the emotions of despair and disgust.

Sparing used keyboards bring moments of calm before the
atmospherics give way to a squall of controlled fury.

This is very good.

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