Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2012 Band Compilation

Here is a collection of tracks that made my head explode
with pleasure last year. Ranging from Hardcore, Sludge,
Stoner, Noise Rock and more, these songs need to be heard.

The bands and labels concerned have all kindly given permission
for use as a free download compilation from Bandcamp.
Also included is a 24 page PDF booklet with all the bands
information, clickable links to their sites and my pithy reviews

Track Listing:
Direwolves - Growing Defeat
Millions - Shipwreck
Taste The Void - Monolith
Goat Bong - The Lost Art Of Bong Rips
Interlude - Entre Aires De Grandeza
Mudbath - Loserwood
Wolves Carry My Name - Lupus Milk
MAKE - Ancient Tongues
We Had A Deal - Chapter 1
Kabul Golf Club - Demon Days
Grizzly - The Cultist
Haut&Court - Krokodil
Robot (A) - Brief Introduction To Psychonautics
Towers - Serpent
Uncle Touchy - Body Hammer
Denizen - Casino Royale
Objects - Despise
Heemeyer - Turn In/Tune Out
Prehistoric Pigs - Swirlin' Rings Of Saturn
Kustodian - Commuters
Verdun - Last Man Standing

As you can see there is no excuse not to own this piece of sonic excellence.

Please spread the fuck out of this link and get these bands heard everywhere.

Free download from Bandcamp


  1. This comp is great T, thanks again for the inclusion, we are honoured :)

  2. Hey man, I only put on tracks I wamted to hear myself, yours fitted there so well.