Monday, 7 January 2013

La Senelle Studio - Amaury Sauvé

When bands go into the studio to record, they suddenly find
that it can be a harsh mistress - as unforgiving as my wife
finding out that the reason we still have a broken fridge is
because I have brought the first 8 albums by Sabbath box set!

Bands quickly find out that the vocalist cannot remember any
lyrics, the guitar plays his solos different every time, when the
drummer goes from toms to snares he loses time and the fucking
bass player is counting 1, 2, 3, 4 under his breath the whole time!

Having someone knowledgeable to help you replicate your live sound 
into something listenable can mean the difference between a shiny
jewel of a track or runny, unpolished dog shit.

Amaury Sauvé owns La Senelle Studio and engineers + produces
some of the heaviest and best french bands around. He has been
involved in some of my favourite sounds from the last couple of
years and here is an awesome compilation, showcasing what he

Includes tracks from Birds in Row, Direwolves, Comity, Taste The Void etc.

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