Thursday 3 January 2013

Primitive Man - Scorn

Primitive Man serve you up one of the filthiest, most destructive
releases you will hear this year. With vocals sounding like a
swamp monster spewing up bile in gouts of hatred, the music
is a gut-wrenching platter of blackened sludge, crawling out
of the mire at the torturous pace of the slowest doom ever heard.

Short passages of drones and muffled shrieks provide 
interludes of uneasy calm before the unrelenting barrage
starts again. I felt drained after playing this and just sat in silence
for a while, trying to clear my head and hoping my melted brain
cells would recover. In the meantime, read their bio and order
at once from Throatruiner Records.

Fronted by Ethan McCarthy of notable grind acts Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and Death of Self, Denver, Colorado's PRIMITIVE MAN play some sort of blackened sludge/doom with hints of drone and d-beat in the vein of bands such as The Body, Thou or Khanate. An earth-shattering, bleak wall of crushing dissonance and pure sonic heaviness : "Scorn" is only the band's debut full-length, but it already sounds like one of the heaviest and most brutal records you'll hear for a while. Thirty nine minutes of pure, unrelenting destruction that will leave you bruised and bleeding.

Pre Order the 12" Here


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