Thursday 3 January 2013

The Tank Farm - Silent Creeper

After the last couple of posts here is something totally opposite
to what you - my faithful download monkeys - are used to.

The Tank Farm is a one man project from Australia which
centres around keyboards.

Short ambient instrumental songs with stark percussion drift 
into The Orb type meanderings with hints of quasi-dance rhythms, which
lull you into peaceful contemplations bookending tracks which for
me are the stronger part of this album.

The real surprise are the piano and vocal led tracks - in particular
Day Tripping - these have a real pastoral English feel to them which
reminds me of early Jethro Tull (minus flute) and for some reason
Peter Gabriel stripped down to just a piano, trying out some intimate
new compositions.

I would like to hear more but without the electronica side of things,
just an albums worth of the human side of The Tank Farm.

Give it a go - free download at Bandcamp

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