Friday, 25 January 2013

Cortez - Phoebus

Request from Lost Pilgrims Records.

Cortez are a hurricane made of evil intent, that leaves a trail
of destruction behind in its wake.

Hardcore is twisted into song passages that rub shoulders with
crust and sludge giving you a raw distorted barrage of dense,
chaotic tracks, overlaid with a bleak and ferocious emotional
message that is expressed through barking and tortured vocals.

Song compositions are taut and complex but the crucial basic
element that make you want to bang your head remains.......
this should sit nicely next to your Converge or early Botch collection.

Band Bio: “Phœbus” , the new album of Cortez, confirms the come back of the Swiss trio, just after the release of their 10’’ split with Plebeian Grandstand released last year.With this album Cortez is again proving that you can get out of the habitual pattern of power trio(guitar, drums and voice), and still burps noise-hardcore fury and incandescent anger. The band recently reorganized itself with the arrival of Antoine Tinguely on the guitar (ex-Berserk For Tea Time), Samuel Vaney, former guitarist, is now supporting the band as composer / mixer.Recorded partly in the REC Studio of Serge Morattel in Geneva, drums, and partly in their own rehearsal space, guitars and vocals, this new album is the result of hard work, giving the band big freedom in creation and the possibility to fully assume the production process. Complete independence in learning, creating and finalizing the record.“Phoebus” reaffirms the taste of Cortez for saturation, but also explores a wide range of possibilities. 

Like a threatening and corrosive mist the aggressive sound still remains intense, melancholic and emotional.The artwork accompanying this new album has been entrusted to Dehn Sora, bringing a subtle spark to this dark masterpiece.As a reminder, Cortez, formed in 2001, was revealed in 2005 and the horrific world of their first album “Initial”, was praised by unanimous reviews. After the release followed several tours in Europe, during which the group forged a reputation of exceptional performers. Sharing the stage with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, ISIS, UNSANE, JESU, GOJIRA, BURST, THE OCEAN … each occurrence tended to confirm and affirm their originality and mastering of their subject.

This masterpiece is due out in january 2013 on Deluxe digipack CD (Lost Pilgrims Records, Basement Apes, Get A Life! Records) and 2XLP (Throatruiner Records, Basement Apes, Get A Life! Records)

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