Wednesday 2 January 2013

Make - Axis

Many thanks to Scott from MAKE for sending this to me.

After the mind exploding brilliance of "Trephine" - reviewed
Here., which went straight to my end of year list, I have been
waiting for the next development in their career.

Axis is an EP of 3 tracks that give you 30 minutes of drone/
post-metal psychedelic heaviness.

The first 17 minute epic tracks starts off with gentle guitar drones
and drifting post-rock elements, building up the tension so when
everything kicks in with a sludge like ferocity, it nearly tears your
fucking head off.

The other remaining tracks are just as strong, showcasing some
accomplished song writing and delivering the almost impossible
trick of inserting delicate, almost beautiful passages into a tsunami
of sonic heaviness.

As a taster for the next album, this should help cement their reputation
and propel them into much bigger things.

Highly recommended.

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