Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Taste The Void - Sun's Heat

Band request from France.

Taste The Void sound like the Hulk picking up a guitar and
playing through 200 foot high stacks ...... HULK SMASH PUNY
MUSIC! Fusing hardcore and post-metal is one of my listening
pleasures and this band do not disappoint.

Thick walls of sound set the template to which the band can
then proceed to layer with distortion and anger. There is
brutality but tempered with pieces of delicately picked guitar
which make the crashing, thunderous climaxes even more of
a tsunami that washes over you.

Amaury Sauvé has been brought in and has mixed these 
songs with devastating results, bringing everything to 
the front without losing the power or intensity. 

My description cannot really do this band justice - listen to the
tracks below and let them wash over you - Recommended.

Buy for an absolute pittance from Bandcamp


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