Thursday, 15 November 2012

Jorge Arana Trio - Mapache

Band request from Kansas City.

The Jorge Arana Trio play what I can only call spasmodic
math-jazz! This is pretty much out of my normal listening,
meaning I will try my best to describe but as always, have a
listen and make your own mind up.

The absence of a vocalist helps you to really hear the playing that
this band is pounding out. Drums and bass set the bedrock for
keyboards and sparse guitar to play over what sounds like
controlled chaos but without wandering off the edge of sanity.

There is an underlying groove within the tracks that propels
the arrangements along and helps your brain not to explode
that much when things get too "free-jazzy"!

Can you imagine the Gang Of Four turning into a math band
and trying to cover "On The Corner" by Miles Davis ...... No?
Well give this a listen - it is restrained enough to make sense to
my ears that are tuned to fuzzed guitars but with a twisted take
on rhythm that can be unsettling. I like it but not am sure why!

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