Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Joe 4 - Njegov Sin

Joe 4 follow up their Enola Gay EP from earlier on this year
with a full length album and it was worth the wait.

Heavy beats are still order of the day but now with a wider range
of dynamics through out the album.

The guitars and bass swap riffs and roles seamlessly giving you
the taste of AmRep in 2012. Drumming wise, there is some
incredible pounding going on here, mixed up nice and high,
really powering the songs along as the vocals are barked out - 
in Croatian - which overcome language translation as you can
hear the passion and frustration being voiced.

Joe 4 roped in Steve Albini to record and Bob Weston to master
but have overcome the sometimes over-dry Albini mix and
injected some warmth in with the aggression.

The song constructions are tight and precise with plenty
of tension waiting to be released. These guys are doing some
great stuff here - recommended.

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