Thursday 29 November 2012

Three Second Kiss - Tastyville

Band request from Ryan and Sick Room Records.

Three Second Kiss occupy the space between post-punk and
math with clinical results.

Mournful vocals that hint at controlled anger and sorrow
sit on top of abstract guitar riffs that wind through angular
passages that almost collapse but are rescued by the bass and drums.

The songs have a groove that do remind you of Shellac but the
band use that template to find their own way rather than just
ripping off. 

With minimal distortion used, every twisted note can be heard
which enables the convoluted song passages to ebb and flow
from punky riffing to intricate, mathy stompers.

BIO: Co-Release with excellent Italian label, Africantape. Loose yet intricate math/noise rock ala Shellac/Uzeda/June of 44 but with a little more panache. They are already getting great press in Europe!

Born in Bologna, first record dated in 1996, six records so far, two works recorded by Steve Albini (Music out of Music on 2003 and Long Distance on 2008) and one by Ian Burgess (producers of bands like Shellac, Jawbox and Cows), 3 United States tour – one with June of 44 in 2000 and one with Shellac in 2009 – TSK are the first Italian band to be invited in 2002 at the prestigious All Tomorrows Parties festival UK, on the list together with such names like Bonnie Prince Billy, Wire, Shellac, Breeders, Smog, Shannon Wright, Shipping News and many others, and they will perform on the current 2012 special ATP UK edition (nov/dec 2012 – The Nightmare before Christmas) together with bands like Shellac, Neurosis, Melt Banana, Mission of Burma, to name just a few. TSK records have been distributed in Europe by Southern records (with the record Everyday Everyman – on 1998) and then in USA by Dischord rec. from Washington DC (with the record Focal Point – Slowdime rec. on 1999 and Music out of Music on 2003). Today the band is happily home based with the French label Africantape rec, that put out on 2008 Long Distance, our previous record, and that has just released the newest Tastyville. There is a lot of way to do. Never look back…

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