Tuesday, 4 December 2012

L.M.I. - II

Band request from Landsdale.

L.M.I. play a mixture of ska-punk with veers into hardcore
with a powerful sound and clear/shouted vocals.  
This is not really something I am into and therefore would find
doing an unbiased review hard to do. 

BUT - please give it a listen, check out the links below and
make your own minds up and support them if you can.

L.M.I. stands for Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals. Will Hinkle and Brando Racik started L.M.I. in the summer of 2008, they both wrote songs together as a duo until November of 2008 when drummer Josh Bennet and lead guitarist Johnny McCreery joined the band. They created songs together as a 4 piece until January 2009 when Johnny temporarily left the band. In February 2009 Josh Bennet was dropped from the band lineup and was replaced by drummer Kevin Marcinek and was once again joined by Johnny McCreery. This lineup lasted until April of 2009 when L.M.I. went on hiatus for the next few months. But in November of 2009 Will, Brando, and Kevin reformed the band as a trio. In February of 2010 the band played their first show in Lansdale, PA and have been playing shows ever since. They released their first demo ep in May of 2010 with Brainblow Records. And in August of 2010 Shelby Dobbins was added to the band as the rhythm guitarist. This lineup lasted until October of 2010 was Shelby was dropped from the band and the band went back to the original trio. The lineup has stayed the same ever since and in September of 2011 L.M.I. released their first full length record titled “Sell Your Clothes, Save Your Thoughts” and continued playing shows in support of it until fall of 2012. In October of 2012 L.M.I. went back into the studio and recorded a new ep titled "L.M.I. II" which was released on November 13th, 2012. They have been playing shows in support of it to this day.

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